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My mother is the most caring, generous, and selfless person I have ever had the privilege to know. She always had a positive outlook on life, through any setback and despite years of worsening health issues. Her strength is something I am immensely proud of and aspire to in my own life. I have many fond memories of my mum, but one of the earliest that makes me smile is of playing Swingball in the garden at Pitkerro Drive. It was a beautiful mid-summer evening in Dundee, and we had tired ourselves out batting the ball back and forth, round and round the pole. I even managed to win a few games, though I think she might have let me win. It stays light very late in summer and I was shocked when I realized that it was after 10pm, way past bed time. I thought I might get in trouble and was almost crying, but my mum just hugged me and said "It's OK, you can stay up late, you're a big boy now". I remember that being such a joyful summer. I miss my mum.


I have fond memories of Alison from when we were young. We often took holidays to Butlins, and Alison would always win the talent contest, as she also did in the local contests, and the Leng Medal. We always had pet dogs whom she doted on. Alison had a loving and generous personality, and I miss her so much.


We as a family have very fond memories of Alison. She was a kind, caring, generous person, never complaining and always bubbly. Beth and Isla always had fun with Auntie Alison, shopping trips, painting, playing with the dogs. She has been a great support to us over the years and we miss her very much.


Alison was the best mother in law a girl could ask for. She was kind and generous and made me feel like part of the family from the beginning. When we got married she planned most of the wedding for us from Scotland which made me one relaxed bride and I appreciated everything she did for us, she truly made the day a special one. After the wedding she had our wedding video memorized watching it so many times and sat us down one day to show us a bird that had flown through the shot, a moment she found precious. I will miss her spirit and the happiness she brought to everything.


My memories of Alison are many, but I have to say she was such a kind and caring person and always saw the best in everyone. I first met Alison when she interviewed me for a job more than 20 years ago and she made me feel so welcome and our friendship grew from there. We had many great theatre trips to London and I loved when she came to visit with her beloved Lexie. I will always treasure our friendship and am privileged to have known her.


I have so many memories of Ali - very, very funny, caring, always putting time off for others and the life and soul of any party, and what a voice! Alison was everything you could have wished for in a friend and I miss her dearly. Probably my funniest memory of Ali was when we were based in Shore Terrace. There was a woman who worked in Tayside House who baked and decorated cakes and Ali thought it would be a great idea to order one for Bill for his 50th Birthday. When the cake arrived in the office - it looked spectacular - it was decorated with topless women all round it. Ali said that she would go and collect her car from the car park and she would toot the horn when she arrived as it was difficult to park there. We were then to carry this cake out to the car! Pauline had come down to help us carry the cake outside. Lynda and Pauline carried the cake and I said I would help by holding the doors open. I held the office door open then held this really heavy wooden door outside our office open but as I looked back I thought Lynda had her foot in the door so I let it go. Well the door slammed against the box as if it was slow motion ... the cake slid out of the box and toppled onto the floor and scattered all over the place. I could have cried, Pauline was close to tears and Lynda was on her knees and said what if we tried to put it back together again? Some of the women had been decapitated! Ali still had no idea what had happened as she was sitting in the car outside. She came in and couldn't believe it. All was well as your mum called the woman who made the cake, and amazingly the cake was not seriously damaged - she only had to redecorate, Bill had a birthday cake the next day, and we all laughed about it afterwards.


I remember recording "The Living Years" with Alison, Steve Cooney, and children in the home studio. It was really great day. I sang on the same circuit in Dundee for many years while married to Steve. I now live in Sussex and Steve and I are no longer together but I did hear Alison sing and she was such a welcoming genuinely lovey lady with a beautiful voice I'm sad to hear of her passing.


Whilst listening to some country music tonight, thought about Ali's amazing voice and wanted to listen to Play a Sad Song again. It's a beautiful song and shows Ali's talent. I was very privileged to work with Ali for many years from the age of 16 and she took me under her wing and looked after me. She was a caring, intelligent, humorous and genuine person and I am grateful to have known her. I also had the pleasure of seeing her sing live on many occasions, what a voice!